Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the production time so long?

We make everything we sell when you order. We aren’t a big box store or reseller with warehouses full of inventory. We are a two person operation. When you order an item, we start creating it from scratch. Orders are created in the order that they are received.

During the production process (see below), there are several points in where we are, quite literally, waiting for paint to dry. This actually takes a large portion of the production time.

We do offer Rush Processing for a fee. This puts your order to the top of list and we can get it out faster (in 5 business days for most items – smaller items can be quicker). This does not include expedited shipping. If you want expedited shipping, please contact us about options.

How long does it take and how can I know when it will ship?

Production times vary a little. Items like koa wood jewelry or Christmas ornaments take about 7 to 10 days (sometimes quicker – depends on the workload and time of year). Most other items take about 2 weeks. We try to get them out faster, but will not sacrifice quality for the sake of speed. Some very large items will take up to 6 weeks.

When we ship, we will send you a notification with the tracking number. Currently, we ship most items UPS Ground. We were shipping USPS Priority, but they recently added fees for anything over 15″ (which is almost everything we have besides jewelry and ornaments). It made the shipping quite a bit a higher. This is in addition to almost every material we use going up in price and, in order to avoid having to raise prices to compensate, we chose to go with UPS. If you want a different shipping method, please just contact us.

What is your process?

For our standard wall designs (non-custom orders):
1. Cut the design in wood in the laser.
2. Hand-sand the piece several times so they are nice and smooth.
3. Clean & paint. Some larger parts of the design are airbrushed. All small details are hand painted.
4. After the paint dries, we apply a coat of clear coat to seal in the paint.
5. Because we double up the design to add durability and strength, we glue a backer on the design.
6. After the glue has dried completely, we do multiple coats of clear coat enamel. Sanding in between the coats to keep the wood smooth.
7. Add hanging material – either a keyhole backer with a bumper (so it lays flat on the wall) or a wire hanger for the larger items.
8. Final inspection & ship.

Do you create your own designs?

Yes. We do not sell designs that were created by others. While we are occasionally inspired by other’s work, all of our designs were created by us.

Custom and personalized orders

We love doing custom work! If you have an idea, we will work with you to come up with a design. If you don’t want to commit to the full price of the item, we can do a design fee which will be applied to the purchase of the final product. Much less of a financial commitment.

We can also personalize almost all of our standard designs as well.

Sizing details

Please check the listings for exact sizes of the items. If you still aren’t clear on the size – sent us a message. We will be happy to help.

Care instructions

All of our wood items are easy to care for. Just wipe with a soft cloth and a bit of your favorite wood polish and you are good to go.

If you are hanging your wall art on a patio or porch where it may get wet, please consider applying a clear coat of enamel or polyurethane (water based doesn’t yellow) once a year to keep your artwork looking nice and to protect the wood. We do not recommend hanging these out where they are completely unprotected from the elements. If you would like something that can withstand the elements better, please contact us and we will see what we can come up with for you.

Gift wrapping and packaging

As of now, we currently do not offer gift wrapping or packaging.

All items are wrapped in packing paper for shipping to protect the edges of the items, but it’s definitely more functional than pretty. The fine art of paper folding currently eludes us. 🙂

Will my order be exactly like the photo?

Well . . . . we try. Every board of wood is unique. Some are lighter, some are a little darker. Some seem to soak up color more than others. And, since each item is hand painted / stained, there may be differences from the listing photos. We do not mass produce these items and, as a result, each piece is unique.